For paperless contract management
Use Case:
Digital onboarding for Hospitality services
Sign on Tab Tablet
Sign on Tab Tablet
Use Case:
Smart contract for Sports clubs
For paperless contract management


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How SonT works
AI based solution - activate and start using right away.
How Sign on Tab works
No integrations, quick to deploy. No big process changes needed.
Sign on Tab E-Signing solution
The most flexible solution for your back-end systems is available over API

Why Sign on Tab?


Sign on Tab will reduce your cost

  • While switching to paperless you will save paper, printing and Document logistics cost.
  • You avoid additional cost while implementing GDPR in current Document logistics process.
  • You increase your effectivity by eliminating unnecessary human related processes like inventory management.
Improve effectiveness with Sign on Tab

Sign on Tab will increase effectivity

  • Your document loss ratio could be reduced to ZERO.
  • Way more effective document storing process as all related documents are stored in one place (e.g. Consent, ID copy & Contract).
  • In case customer is being served by mobile staff or couriers services can be activated right after customer signs the contract.
E-signing on tablet screen

Contract can be signed in most efficient way

You can sign on screen with Active/Non Active pen. We do also support Mobile ID, Smart ID or any another digital signing mean applicable in your country.
Sign on Tab security

Is it legally binding?

Depending on the liability level documents can be sealed with qualified e-seal. We do support qualified time stamps, qualified signature. Using right hardware we also capture biometrical signature data.
Smart work place with Sign on Tab

Smart workplace which will increase productivity

Sign on Tab shortens customer serving time thus increasing productivity of your employees. Time what is being spend on printing, copying, storing Document copies can be spent on serving customer and up-sale.


Sign on Tab for Telcoms

Telecoms ans ISPs

Sign on Tab for Hotels

Hospitality services

Sign on Tab for financing service providers

Financial service

Sign on Tab for sports and leisure

Sports and Leisure


We believe that we can make planet greener! How many trees you will save with Sign on Tab?


Amount of paper you save:








Sign on Tab GDPR friendly solution

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This EU regulation active since May 2018. It is related to personal data protection and personal rights related to that data. In essence - customers will be able to control own personal data which is being held by third parties.

Sign on Tab ensure GDPR

What responsible win companies have under this new regulation?

Companies must:
Ensure that processes related to certain customer rights are working properly (right to be informed, right to be forgotten, access right and etc.). Identify the legal basis for data processing activities (data controllers / processors). Organize consent procedures. Implement procedures for detection, notification and processing of personal data breaches.

E-signing according to GDPR standards

What kind of information does the GDPR apply to?

GDPR deals exclusively with personal data. Personal data is the one that is relate to a physical person (data subject) that can be identified, directly or indirectly, using data such as a personal code and/or specific attributes characterising one or more persons, such as physical, physiological, psychological, cultural, social and etc. Personal data can be an attribute as well such as IP address, physical address, or personal income.

Safe E-signing solution for business

Are there any specific rules business should be fallowig in order to ensure compliance?

While complying with the GDPR, businesses have to follow a new set of rules in order to collect, transport, and store personal data. Access to data must also be strictly controlled. While Documents are signed on paper, there are many additional processes involved in organising logistics of the Documents (Documents must be placed in envelopes, on top of it there should be a system which anonymise the data and etc.). The process of data access control also becomes extremely complex to manage.

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