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Leading your healthcare business into paperless

Easily sign, manage and archive all patient consent forms in digital format.

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Maximize your business potential

By digitizing consent management

Create digital and user-friendly consent forms

  • Reduce on-site patient consent filling time by 50%
  • Minimize claim risks with built-in compliance checks
  • Handle intricate consent or document filling and signing variations seamlessly
  • Simplify patient admissions through remote consent form pre-filling

Validate consents with digitally captured signatures

  • Enhance document validity with handwritten biometrical signature collection
  • Simplify metadata exchange by seamlessly integrating with any software system
  • Incorporate our proven signing toolkit into any software

Secure data storage and streamlined management

  • Eliminate archive-related costs through efficient signed consent administration
  • Access necessary patient data instantly
  • Enhance employee work experience by reducing administrative burden

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Easily sign, manage and archive all patient consent forms in digital format

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Healthcare organizations with improved efficiencies

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Trusted worldwide

By aligning with and surpassing EU security standards, Sign on Tab products maintain the highest data security across all solutions. Our commitment to safeguarding customer data drives us to invest significantly in the necessary technologies. This investment includes robust encryption protocols, stringent access controls, regular security audits, and continuous monitoring to ensure comprehensive protection.

  • ISO Certficate

  • GDPR complient

  • AWS security

  • iSQI Certficate