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Medicina Practica

Medicina Practica - one of the most advanced medical laboratory research networks in the Baltic region, operating in 36 locations.

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Before Sign on Tab

Challenges that led to consent digitalization

Manual consent form management is inflexible, error-prone and time consuming, involving manual form preparation, printing, and distribution across laboratories

Costly form storage lifecycle as signed forms are stored in clinics for one year, archived centrally for four years, and then destroyed by a third-party service

Time-consuming process for patients and employees as numerous data fields in consent must be completed during each visit

Any workflow optimization is difficult to achieve as critical data is available with the time delay


Medicina Practica implements Sign on Tab to for paperless consent signing and archiving

Improved digital consent administration

Digital consent filling forms were implemented.

Tablets in 18 clinics installed that allowed to service patients faster and with higher quality.

Increased data accuracy

8 different forms were implemented.

More than 400 digital documents signed on tablets daily.

Innovative archiving solution

Cloud archiving solution is used for document pre-filling which increases operational efficiencies.

Data management dashboards installed for more accurate workload calculation.

With electronic consent forms, we serve patients faster and better, therefore they not only come back to us but also recommend our clinics to their relatives.

Gitana Skendelytė

Deputy Director


Main achievements

While accepting as many patients as possible is important for any business, Medicina Practica recognized an additional advantage of adopting digital consent forms: employees can now offer more comprehensive services by providing additional information or suggesting the most appropriate tests for each patient's needs.

Consent signing and distribution journey shortened by almost 67% which saves costs and personnel time.

Increased customer satisfaction as there is no need to fill-in data during every visit.

Archive costs stopped increasing and data management became very simple.

Improved organizations' reputation as customers experience real time that it is fast, innovative, and high-quality.

All patient data is securely collected and archived across all laboratories.

All digitalized documents are 100% error-free.