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Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos

Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos: operating since 1980, 6000+ employees, 1500 beds, 91 000 inpatient treatments and 50 000 complex surgical operations annually. Storage time - 30 years

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Before Sign on Tab

Challenges that led to digitalization

Paper archiving is expensive and it used to be difficult to find an old document

Patients miss out on mandatory inputs, thus employees spend additional minutes on manual checking

Some documents have special requirements for storage (e.g. must be kept in dark), that creates extra expenses

Preparing forms in-house costs too much time, as it requires separate programming for every change


Santaros Klinikos selects integrated Sign on Tab for optimal workflow

Secure Compliance

Integrated digital form filling - this takes less time compared to using paper documents.

Digital templates together with API integration improved document search. This eased communication with 3rd parties when documents need to be sent to hospitals or regulating institutions.

Improved Quality

With integrated digital templates doctors can devote more time to patients, instead of document administration.

Digital data collection opened up possibilities for future data analysis and drastically improved data quality.

Digital templates and API integration improved work processes by allowing to track time spent at each step of a patient's journey.

Improved Security

The claim handling process became less cumbersome and time consuming, as all required documents are digital and available online.

With cloud archive and necessary integrations all information is stored online and every access or change transaction is logged. This brings a lot of transparency to overall processes and limits both accidental and intentional fraudulent activities.

We realized that outsourcing the whole signing toolkit is more efficient than continuing to develop it in-house. It was complicated to follow regulations and mitigate the legal risks when the trusted solution was the same party. After evaluation of legal and compliance risks, as well as implementation time and support needed, the business decision was to outsource this part of HIS and use Sign on Tab.

Justas Trinkūnas

Head of IT Department


Overall Achievements

Doctors are often hesitant to embrace innovations, but once they have adopted the use of tablets, they would be unwilling to revert to using paper documents.

Employees dedicate more time and provide better service to patients;

After overcoming the transitional phase, the patient experience is only positive

Each year 800 000 sheets of paper is not being printed anymore (this is 4 tons)

Employees dedicate more time and provide better service to patients;

No need to repeat the data entry for repetitive patients, as it is reused;

Storage costs stopped growing and faster processes, reduced manual work