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The automotive sector is rapidly growing. In the European Union, the industry makes as much as 7% of the annual GDP. Electronic and self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence integration to make driving more advanced, and other technologies are paving the way. At the same time, the industry is going through a transformation of becoming more sustainable and restorative. But when it comes to document management and administrative operations, it often lags behind. Many car dealerships and rentals rely on the outdated “pen and paper” method to collect customer information for contract preparation and use physical storage rooms to archive documents.

Using paper isn’t the most efficient way to run a business and customer service. Information written on paper documents often lacks quality, is difficult to read, and is easily lost. Not to mention that paper consumption and distribution is costly and inflexible. And it looks simply outdated compared to the newest technologies the car makers offer.

Digital archiving and signing benefits for automotive companies

Paperless printing

We offer a Print to Tab functionality for easy and paperless document printing. Yes, it’s paperless, so here’s how it works. You prepare a form in your operation management system for a customer to fill in and sign. You can send this document for signing using Print to Tab directly to a tablet. Then, the customer completes the information and signs it using the digitally captured signature.

Digital check-in and check-out forms

Digital document management is more agile as it allows to collect data more efficiently and find the right information faster. Let’s take a rental car situation, for example. In most cases, rental companies make two forms – one for check-out and another for check-in.

It means that the customer has to sign documents twice. That wouldn’t cause inconvenience if it’s done digitally, but paper documents slow down the information gathering processing, increase risk of losing one of the forms, and hinder customer service.

By switching to digital operations, documents can be accessed within seconds in one system just with a key-phrase, saving time and improving companys’ reputation.

Contract signing on the road

We know that auto businesses are always on the go (as they are supposed to be). But it can be tricky to ensure smooth customer service when the road gets bumpy. Let’s imagine a situation when a rental car breaks down, and you need to replace it.

If you used paper documents to make the rental contract, it would take you so much time and energy to find the right documents, change conditions, and replace those documents in the archive. On top of the stressful situation, you have to deal with paper sheets flying in the wind or getting wet from the rain. That’s a no-go way for a modern car rental company to provide service.

With Sign on Tab, even the unfortunate situations can become less challenging. You can fix all these documents on the road using a tablet. You can choose a ready-made template with your enterprise information to create a new contract. Then, the customer fills out new forms right there and can finalize them when they come back to the office. You can even save the unfinished document in PDF format and finish filling it in using Sign on Tab application.

Document search and data processing with just one click

Find your customer details, check-out and check-in forms with just a few clicks. You don’t need to go through paper files: just open your account, put a key-phrase or customer information, and you can find all relevant data there.

It’s especially helpful when you have a surge of customers requesting a car or in case of an accident when speed is essential to ensure safety and convenience of your customers.

Sign on Tab benefits for auto business customers

Easy procedures to rent a car

Rental contracts, insurance policies, deposits – all can be too overwhelming when you need a car quickly. Your customers can forget lengthy procedures filling out piles of documents just to get the keys. All they need to do is to fill in fields on the digital environment once.

The same information can be used for other forms and copies. Then they can use our digitally captured signature to finish the contract and hit the road. They don’t have to carry paper forms with them as they can be sent to a customer’s email.

Digital contract copies accessible 24/7

When you need to look for car documents in a glove compartment, even the least stressful situation can become overwhelming. But not with digital document copies. When a customer finalizes the contract, they receive a copy to their email where they can access it at any time without needing to go through documents.

The automotive industry is one of the most advanced sectors in the market. As such, it has to show an example in each step of the business. Document and archive digitization is the key to faster operations, fewer mistakes, and excellent customer service.

Let’s discuss how Sign on Tab can benefit Your business – book a demo with us.