How Can Medical Sector Digitize Documents Without Integration?

In these times, the medical centers and clinics need as much support as possible. From public to private sectors being alarmingly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must find ways to boost their service and patient support.

We believe that one of the ways to help healthcare service providers be more resilient is through digital technologies and paperless practices. It might not sound obvious, but there are many ways how digital document management and archiving could reduce archiving space, improve sanitation protocol, and let doctors and other medical staff focus on patients rather than administrative work.

In this article, we want to guide you through the benefits of digital document management and archiving tools for healthcare service providers.

What is digital document archiving?

Digital document archiving or e-archive is a virtual storage unit where you can save and secure customer and patient data. Unlike a physical archive, e-storage allows archiving an unlimited amount of information with no additional human resources needed.

This functionality is crucial for healthcare service providers. Many clinics express the same concern – how to manage an ever-growing paper document archive. More documents need more space, even though not all clinics can afford to increase their archive.

This problem is especially troubling for small clinics that would rather have more space for the workplace than waste it on a physical archive.

If you’re wondering about why waste space on a bigger archive when you can have all your documents in a digital environment, Sign on Tab has a solution. Sign on Tab offers an electronic document archive and digital templates with digitally captured signature. These functionalities speed up procedures, patient admission, and help gain market advantage, and most importantly, eliminate the need for a physical document archive.

Why do healthcare service providers need digital tools?

Correctly chosen operational tools can be transformational to the business. Here are just a few reasons why Sign on Tab might be the right solution for you:

  • You are wasting time dealing with paper documents. That includes filling out the same forms repeatedly, asking patients to write down the same information, then storing and using paper case history books in physical storage rooms.
  • Your staff is buried under administrative work. They deal with paper forms and medical case history books. They need to fill out piles of documents after each patient and hire more resources to handle archiving and management of sensitive information.
  • Your patients are impatient with yet another sheet of paper they need to fill out.
  • Data quality is low, meaning you can’t read information patients write down, or it’s faulty.

If any of these sounds familiar, then we have a perfect solution for your business and your customers’ problems.

Sign on Tab digital solution benefits for healthcare service providers

Virtual printer to replace ordinary printer

Virtual printing solution allows you to facilitate the information transfer process. You only need to fill out the information in your current healthcare management system. Instead of printing copies on paper, virtual printer functionality automatically “prints” information on a tablet screen.

Then the patient can finish filling out their data, sign a document using a digitally captured signature functionality, and document is saved on the electronic archive.

Easy integration through API

While most of our clients don’t need special integration, some clinics can benefit from integration with their document management systems. Depending on the management system you use to generate documents, you can choose fast and easy integration through APIs with our API integration product.

The process is as simple as it gets. Some of the systems we do integrations with are Dental4windows, Cliniccards. If you’re using another software, we will see your options and guide you through the integration process with ease.

Digital document templates

Why waste time creating new documents each time you need to complete a form. Instead, we prepared multiple digital document templates to expedite your work. You only need to click on the section in the document window to choose one of the pre-made templates.

You can also create your own templates with your clinic’s branding and information tailored to your patients to have those forms at hand. If you wish to customize templates, we can do it for you. Just let us know and our design and development teams will make sure new document templates represent your business and improves your service quality. Once we have updated your document forms, all your departments or clinics will automatically receive new templates.

Digital is better than paper

Digital documents have many advantages over paper. You don’t have to waste time filling out the same information over and over again. You can easily fill out, sign, and store digital copies and access them with just a few clicks of a button. In addition, you can also add all the necessary agreement forms and disclaimers to make sure patients are aware of your conditions.

Unlike paper, digital documents aren’t susceptible to physical damage. We also ensure top-notch cybersecurity to keep your information safe. From the latest technological advancements to increased security measures, we provide exceptional data protection.

How can Sign on Tab improve your customer service?

We make sure that patients also receive the benefits of the Sign on Tab’s digital cloud archive.

Faster procedures

Nowadays, many people choose private clinics over the public sector. For that, they might go to multiple establishments for different concerns. However, that can be annoying as each clinic asks to fill out health history papers, consent forms, and other formalities to register a new patient.

No one who comes to a doctor wants to spend the majority of the time filling out pages of information. Sign on Tab’s digital document management solution takes away this burden. Using it, patients can consent to the clinic to transfer their data or just fill it out digitally and sign it using a digitally captured signature functionality.

To make it even more convenient, you can turn some questions into checklists or dynamic fields to make the process even faster. Dynamic fields allow adding additional information for customers to fill out if their choice requires more details. This way they don’t need to spend time writing down unnecessary data.

Digital copies

When your patients sign registration cards or any other documents using Sign on Tab, you can immediately send form copies to patients’ emails.

A digital system is a simple solution as it allows filling out information just once, signing it, and sending a copy to the customer’s email, where they can access them any time.

More security over private data

When we talk about digital storage security advantages over the physical archive, it’s important to mention two factors.

First are the physical factors such as heat, water, and other environmental damage that can harm paper documents over time. The electronic archive isn’t affected by environmental factors.

Secondly, the digital archive uses cybersecurity measures to ensure data protection. And while you might have heard growing online world threats, cybersecurity is developing each day. With our tool, you can activate two-factor authentication to ensure secure access for authorized users. You can also use role-based log-in for extra security, meaning that each employee or trusted party can have different access rights.

This way, your patients don’t need to worry about their data safety and can enjoy the benefits.

Sign on Tab digital signing solution and Cloud archive

We understand how important it is for healthcare service providers to ensure smooth and efficient service for their patients. We also believe that the digitalization of your operations is key to satisfactory customer service.

So, in summary, the Sign on Tab solution:

  • Expedites daily administrative processes;
  • Eliminates the need for a physical archive;
  • Saves time by providing optimized document management;
  • Ensures better data security;
  • Gives better document template control and flexibility;
  • And many other benefits with no integration needed.

Digitize your documents and signing procedures with Sign on Tab – contact us and book a demo.